Successful Weight Loss: Exercise & Diet

If a diet has failed repeatedly, the question arises with good reason. Why are you not losing weight? The reasons for this can be manifold.

Why are you not losing weight despite exercising and dieting?

Wrong or incorrectly implemented diets are the most common causes when you find out that losing weight is not working. Eating too little, snacking in between, sugary drinks, hidden calories and too little exercise are key reasons why you don’t lose weight. You can check latest protetox reviews consumer reports and see how diet and dietary supplement can help you burn fats.

Lose weight successfully: The way to your desired weight

The most important of the weight loss tips is a complete change in diet is always better than a temporary diet. Losing weight doesn’t work if a few pounds start to recede during the cure, but after the diet the notorious yo-yo effect ensures that you gain weight again. Avoid lightning diets and change your eating habits over the long term. Lots of fruit, vegetables and whole grains help, but sweets and convenience products should only be enjoyed in moderation.

Healthy food is the be-all and end-all. You don’t have to do without carbohydrates entirely. The body needs longer to digest rice, potatoes and whole grain products. These foods keep you full for longer and are therefore not harmful in small amounts. Sugar and white flour, on the other hand, lead to high insulin production. In the long term, they lead to obesity and diabetes. These carbohydrates should be avoided.


The role of sport in weight loss

The opposite case can also be the reason why losing weight does not work. If the pounds don’t tumble even when you really work hard, i.e. train according to a fitness plan. The main reason is that muscles are being built up. If you’re doing a lot of muscle building, that’s probably why you’re not losing weight.

Muscle is heavier than fat. If they are built up massively, it is not uncommon for those who want to lose weight to even gain weight for the time being. However, don’t let yourself be discouraged and stay on the ball. Surely your step on the scale will soon be a success again. Losing weight quickly through exercise should not be the primary goal, but a long-term health goal. In the long run you will feel healthier and fitter and also to disappearing fat deposits.