What The Hunger Games Taught Me About Men

Movies have the ability to bring people together and unite them in ways that few other things can. They also have the power to divide people, create controversy, and spark arguments among even our closest friends.

How Movies can Help Us Understand Each Other’s Point of View in Spirituality?

In the past couple of years there has been a surge in films that explore the idea of faith in something greater than ourselves through the lens of different religions. Thankfully, instead of focusing on what divides us, these films tend to focus on what unites us as human beings with similar beliefs about morality and love.

Whether it’s understanding someone who practices a religion different from our own or simply being able to relate to another character because of their personal beliefs, movies can help us understand each other’s point of view when it comes to spirituality.

Finding Common Ground in Beliefs about Spirituality

While these films help us to understand why people believe the things they do, they can also help us to find common ground with people of all faiths and none.

By looking at films that explore the idea of spirituality, we can find films that appeal to people of all religions.

For example, films like The Book of Henry and Deidre & the Secret of Sleep explore spirituality through the lens of Christianity, but films like The Zookeeper’s Wife explore the same idea through the lens of Judaism.