A Conversation About Mental Health And Faith

Mental health is a cornerstone of our well-being, just like physical and social health. There is no faith that can remain unscathed from the mental issues plaguing society today. In fact, all religions are being directly affected by the rise in depression, anxiety, stress, substance abuse and other mental illnesses.

As people turn to their spirituality for help with these problems, it’s becoming clear that we need to talk more about faith and mental health to protect our spirit against them.

Why Talking about Faith and Mental Health is Essential for Your Spirituality?

The relationship between faith and mental health is very real. How you think about your faith impacts how you feel about yourself, which affects your outlook on life, and so on.

It will be Easier for Others to Open Up about Their Struggles

Although faith and mental health are not directly linked, an increased dialogue about how one affects the other can help us bridge the gap.

The more we talk about mental health and how it’s linked with faith, the easier it will be for others to open up about their struggles, understand them better and learn how to cope with them.

The more we talk about faith and mental health, the more we can break the stigma surrounding mental illnesses and help those who need help.