Meditative practices such as mindfulness and meditation have gained widespread popularity in recent years. There are many good reasons for this growing interest. Meditation may not be intuitively obvious as a type of social media content, but it’s a great fit for platforms like Instagram, Facebook and Twitter because it’s inherently interactive and personal.

Top Reasons to Promote Meditation in Social Media for Spiritual Health

More than 75 percent of adults use some form of social media on a daily basis. That makes these networks the perfect place to share information about the importance of meditation for spiritual growth and overall wellbeing.

Here are top reasons you need to promote meditation in social media for spiritual health:

It will Expose People to the Information You Want to Share

Social media is designed to keep users scrolling through content, often without any real intention to engage with it. But just by seeing your posts as they scroll through their feed, they’re more likely to be exposed to the information you want to share. Users are more likely to click through and read your posts if they feel compelled to do so.

Meditation is a Helpful Practice for Spiritual Health

Social media is often thought of as a place where we get to share our positive experiences and meet new people who inspire us.

Meditation is an easy way to start your day off right and keep your social media feed positive.