Mental Illness Redemption And A God I Can Trust Part 1

Mental and spiritual health are closely connected. If you have one, it’s more likely that the other will be good, too. Mental and spiritual health both involve how you think, feel and act – in other words, your mental and spiritual state. They’re not exactly the same thing, but they both have to do with who you are on the inside as well as the outside.

The Connection between Our Mental and Spiritual Health

Both kinds of health affect how we see the world and how we interact with others. Read on to find out more about the connection between our mental and spiritual health.

Ways Mental Health Affects Spiritual Health

Mental health issues can affect our spirituality in two different ways. Firstly, our mental health may cause us to feel isolated from others and disconnected from our spiritual selves. And second, our mental health issues may cause us to be unable to access and use our spiritual resources and abilities.

Ways Spiritual Health Affects Mental Health

There are two ways in which having a strong spiritual connection may help protect us from developing mental health issues.

Firstly, having a strong spiritual connection may help us manage the stress we encounter in life.

Secondly, having a strong spiritual connection may help us cope with negative emotions, such as anger and anxiety.