The Sacred Mystery Of Sleep

We’re always being told that we need to get more sleep. But why is this so important? Shouldn’t we be concentrating on our work, reading the Bible, or praying more instead of trying to get some shut eye? Virtually all of us recognize the importance of sleep in our daily lives, but for Christians, there’s also a deeper significance of getting enough rest.

The Importance of Sleep in Your Spiritual Health

Sleep is not simply a matter of strength and alertness; it has spiritual implications. This article examines the importance of sleep in your spiritual health.

Cultivating a Spirit of Humility

Humility comes from realizing that we’re all imperfect and that we all need God. It is knowing that we make mistakes, that we are not perfect, and we are not the center of the universe. It is not being prideful or arrogant, but being aware of the need to rely on God in all things.

Rebuilding Your Energy Levels

Spiritual disciplines such as reading Scripture, praying, and spending time in church services can help you to build spiritual energy and draw you closer to God.

These disciplines are also great at helping you stay focused on the important things in life, such as your family and friends, your faith in God, and your future goals.