Evangelicals Youre Wrong About Mental Illness

Mental illness and spirituality – two words you may not initially think go together. In fact, many people in the world view of Christian faith may assume that mental illness is directly at odds with spirituality: That one must choose between having faith in God or having a mental illness.

The Misconceptions Evangelical Christians have about Mental Illness and Spirituality

New research shows that this isn’t the case — there are several misconceptions about this subject within Christian circles that need debunking right away!

Christians with a Mental Illness cannot be Spiritual

The misconception that a mental illness means you cannot be spiritual is dangerous, as it could lead to the idea that the person needs to choose between the two.

Because of the stigma surrounding mental illness, many Christians feel ashamed of their diagnosis, hide it from others, and don’t seek treatment. But this is not the way to go about things, as not treating mental illness can lead to long-term issues.

Spiritual People Do not Struggle with Mental Illness or vice versa

Although many people think this is the case, the stats prove otherwise. In fact, the numbers show that 36% of people with a mental disorder also have a spiritual connection, whereas only 19% of people without a mental disorder also have a spiritual connection.

This suggests that there are more people who are both spiritually connected and have a mental illness than there are people who are both without a mental illness and not connected to God.