Hypnosis: Strengthening Immune System

People who are exposed to a lot of stress in life often suffer from a weakened immune system. Chronic stress can adversely affect many chronic diseases and create new ones. The effects of constant stress intensify psychosomatic symptoms in particular.

Here it is less important which types of stress affect the organism. Trauma, work stress, family conflicts, partnership problems, mental illnesses, and constant professional tension can affect the entire body.

Symptoms such as insomnia, irritability, tension, and tiredness through to headaches and back pain or digestive problems are typical of a long phase of inner tension. Stress has a negative effect on cell regeneration and therefore has a negative effect on inflammatory processes in the body or even promotes them. Signs of aging can also occur more frequently since the cells are also disturbed in their ability to regenerate.

Hypnotherapy Nail Biting as Initiator

Hypnosis puts people in a state of relaxation. In this state, there is the possibility of contacting the subconscious and embedding valuable information or even healthy suggestions.

There is hypnotherapy nail biting (Hypnotherapie Nägelkauen) that specifically induces deep relaxation. This has an intensive effect on the entire body. Almost like shutting down and restarting a computer. Deep relaxation stimulates the parasympathetic nervous system, the body system responsible for relaxation. As a result, this relaxation experienced in hypnosis can become a longer-term experience.


Positive interaction

Feeling this well-being is an important experience. It stimulates the psyche to want to strive for this pleasant state again. This can be helpful in goal setting.

Now it is possible again to want to achieve this state in a targeted manner. And since hypnosis consciously sets healthy impulses, these can work together with the state of deep relaxation.

After the hypnosis session, the first implementation of the given impulses often occurs quickly. Together with relaxation, a good starting point is created to try out new ways and to develop a healthier way of dealing with yourself and the environment.

Self-reflection in conversation with the hypnotic therapist helps to support the transfer of the impulses into everyday life.

This in turn ensures more rest in the entire organism and the interactions with stress change. You can design a new way to deal with the demands of life. Driving thoughts, perfectionism, and self-criticism can be worked on and changed. This reduces stress and the body and soul can relax.