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Gift Idea: 50 Percent off Coaching!

Looking for a gift that will deepen, clarify, and embolden someone’s life? Take advantage of my holiday sale: 50 percent off coaching when you buy it for someone else! Offer expires 12/31/16. Contact me for details. Enjoy the season, Amy

Did you email me?

This week, I learned that the “contact me” form on my website has not been working for the last couple of months. Remember in the good old days, before caller ID, when you would come home and you could tell from your answering machine that you received a few calls, but no one left a […]

Can We Please Stop Making Pastors into Celebrities?

Looking over the newest crop of scandals and moral failures among widely known pastors, I’m thinking we really need to get serious about challenging the machine that makes celebrities of the pastors who happen to have the biggest congregations, the most charming personalities, or the coolest hair. Because when such pastors fall, anyone who has […]

Announcing the “Live True” Newsletter (and a Giveaway)!

For all those who have requested an email newsletter over the last few years (and for those of you who haven’t), I’m pleased to announce it’s finally here. Subscribers to the “Live True” newsletter will receive occasional updates about my writing projects, speaking engagements, and coaching practice. You’ll find reflections that might challenge you, encourage […]

We Need to Hear Quiet, Old Voices

So here we are: a fresh week and a fresh crop of news. Russian soldiers are in Ukraine. Chinese families grieve those lost to a knife attack in a railway station in Kunming. Inspiring South African Olympian Oscar Pistorius stands trial for murder. A California state senator takes a leave of absence in the face […]

A Free Discussion Guide for ‘Troubled Minds’!

I’ve got exciting news about Troubled Minds! Well, it’s exciting for me; I hope you’ll like it too. I’ve had some inquiries about a discussion guide to go along with Troubled Minds, so I’m happy to report that one is now available. And you can get a free copy! The publisher, InterVarsity Press, has just […]

Troubled Minds: Mental Illness and the Church’s Mission

Troubled Minds is now available! I’m thrilled to herald its release with this video, compliments of my publisher, InterVarsity Press. The video gives a small taste of what the book offers: my family’s story, information about mental illness, and a challenge to the church. This video is meant to be shared, so please pass it […]

Subscribe for Book News!

I’m excited to say the release of Troubled Minds is just a few weeks away! It’s been a long wait for me. At this point, I’m starting to forget what I wrote–but people tell me the book has some good things to say. I hope you’ll agree. I’ll be sharing book news and excerpts here […]

When Good Gifts Turn Bad

In my observation, some of the worst “troublemakers” in organizations of all kinds are women with frustrated leadership gifts. Like all gifts, leadership can be used in positive or negative ways. Someone with the gift of hospitality may use it to build up the body of Christ–or to foster a clique. A gifted teacher may […]

Why Christians Like Me Lack Credibility

In the March 2012 issue of National Geographic , a picture of 19-year Anil Kuldeep fills one page. Anil is a young Christian who lives in southern India, where the church has existed for thousands of years. His right leg displays a nasty scar, evidence of the eight-hour beating he suffered at the hands of […]

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