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Get a Discount on My Next Book!

I’m so excited to announce that my next book is now available for pre-order! And you can get a copy for half price. If you order from the publisher, InterVarsity Press, they’ll send you a copy when the book is available in February. It will be like a late Christmas present! To pre-order a copy, […]

Someone You Should Know: Joe Padilla of Mental Health Grace Alliance (Part 1)

Every now and then, I like to write about people or organizations I think you should know. In this post, I’m featuring an organization I often mention when I speak, or when people ask me about Christian resources to help individuals and families affected by mental illness: Mental Health Grace Alliance. I talked with Joe […]

Planning a Retreat? We Can Help!

Are you looking for speakers, or a great idea, for an upcoming retreat? You came to the right place–for both. I’m excited to announce I’m partnering with spiritual director and retreat queen Jen Manglos. We’re working together to develop and offer weekend retreats, and we’re willing to come to you. Here’s what we provide: • […]

On Edge: A Book Review

I’m excited to review another resource related to mental illness, one that adds another dimension to the collection of books I’ve recommended here. This one is written by a mental health professional with a passionate vision for seeing churches step into a proactive role in providing not only support and loving community, but much-needed access […]

The Recovery-Minded Church: A Book Review

This book released earlier this year, and it’s taken me a while to get around to doing a review. But that delay does not reflect my sense of this book’s importance. In fact, because today is World Mental Health Day, I think this is a great time to recommend and review it for you. Addiction […]

Still Life: A Book Review

I read this book a while back, while it was in the publication process, because I agreed to consider endorsing it. After reading it, I did write an endorsement for it, and since then I’ve been waiting for it to be released so I could recommend it to others. I’m excited to say it’s here […]

Second Forgetting: A Book Review

Because I frequently write and speak on the subject of mental illness and the church’s mission, the publisher of Second Forgetting sent me a copy of this book when it was released, thinking I may want to read it and perhaps let others know about it. They were right. To quote the book’s back cover, […]

Teach Us to Want: A Book Review

Jen Pollock Michel is an outstanding writer. I knew this before I picked up her book Teach Us to Want because I have had the pleasure of working with her a couple of times in my role as an editor. So I’m glad she’s done us all a favor and written a book for us […]

A Story of Grace and a Ministry You Should Know

It seemed everything good had suddenly collapsed. His calling, his career, maybe even his family, were lost. In one confusing moment, he had morphed from successful pastor at one of the fastest growing churches in the nation into public disgrace. He had fallen from family man to family embarrassment, a source of grief and pain […]

1 Big Reason Not to Worry

Should you be worried? Well, if you’re like me, and in this regard I feel confident that you are, you have many reasons to worry. And you probably spend a lot of time and energy worrying–but you haven’t admitted it yet. My new book, Anxious, is written for people like you: people who aren’t convinced […]

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