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Mental Illness Says You’re Alone? Don’t Believe It.

I saw it again just the other day: redemption in action, changing the lives of people affected by mental illness. Another reminder that none of us is alone. This month I was privileged to travel to Lancaster, Pennsylvania (a lovely town, by the way), to join in celebrating 25 years of service for No Longer […]

Video Post: Mental Illness Doesn’t Make Anyone Marginal to God’s Plans

Please enjoy this new video post. It’s on the same theme as all my posts this Mental Health Month. And have a purpose-filled day!

Mental Illness, Redemption, and a God I Can Trust–Part 2

…This post is continued from last week. Click to read Part 1. Emerging into Light Eventually I met and married a good man who has a gift for granting safety to others. I trusted him enough to make him part of my family and to start a family with him despite my greatest fear: that […]

Mental Illness, Redemption, and a God I Can Trust–Part 1

My family never had much, and excess was not in my parents’ lexicon. Dad was a pastor, serving small rural congregations, and Mom stayed at home. We were poor, but we didn’t feel it much, surrounded by farmers who lived simply and at the whim of the rains we asked for at the Wednesday night […]

In Condemning Sin and Scandal, Let’s Not Forget Our Own

When I was in high school, I really did not like most people who lived in the suburbs or even near them. I lived in the city, my family lived on public assistance, and I went to a public high school with an open enrollment policy that meant anyone in the school district could attend. […]

Teach Us to Want: A Book Review

Jen Pollock Michel is an outstanding writer. I knew this before I picked up her book Teach Us to Want because I have had the pleasure of working with her a couple of times in my role as an editor. So I’m glad she’s done us all a favor and written a book for us […]

A Story of Grace and a Ministry You Should Know

It seemed everything good had suddenly collapsed. His calling, his career, maybe even his family, were lost. In one confusing moment, he had morphed from successful pastor at one of the fastest growing churches in the nation into public disgrace. He had fallen from family man to family embarrassment, a source of grief and pain […]

Q&A: If You Feel God Has Abandoned You…

I receive a lot of inquiries from people asking for advice about living with mental illness, loving someone with a mental disorder, and doing ministry to people with mental illness and their families. I can’t offer the kind of advice and help a mental health professional can give, but I can point people in the […]

Worried? Let God’s Plan Change Your Perspective

God’s plans can unravel our careful planning in an instant. We’re surprised by job losses, job opportunities, political realities, family crises, people who need our help, unexpected deaths, unplanned pregnancies, new relationships, scientific discoveries, new ideas and fresh dreams. We think we need to hold on to relationships because we can envision a future in […]

Is God Missing from Your Future?

Last week my family saw Mockingjay, the latest movie in The Hunger Games series based on the young adult novels written by Suzanne Collins. On their surface these stories of a future world, where excess and oppression reigns, are about conflict, power, and struggle. But at their essence they’re stories about hope and human survival. […]

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