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The Church Doesn’t Need Any More Leaders

Depending on who’s providing the definition, a leader is… – “the person who leads or commands a group, organization, or country“; – “a person who leads“; – “the person who convinces other people to follow“; or – something more complicated. Here’s something a leader is not: a description of your true mission in life. I […]

A Lesson in Loving People, from a Very Nice Dining Room

We stood there together, admiring the lovely table and chairs. They were high-quality pieces of furniture, solid wood and polished to a high shine. They were nothing like the cheap castoff furnishings, salvaged from curbs and left behind by previous tenants, that filled our home. “They’re antiques, family heirlooms,” our hosts told us. Both husband […]

When It Comes to People, Take the Long Route

Among the not-so-surprising news that came out last week were the most recent results of an annual survey aimed at uncovering burnout and bias among health care professionals. According to this survey, 40 percent of physicians report personal bias toward certain types of patients. Among doctors included in the survey, 62 percent admitted to bias […]

Guest Post: Holding the Warrior Pose

Please enjoy this post from my friend Gillian Marchenko (you can read more about her and find a link to her beautiful book Sun Shine Down at the end of this post). Gillian is a courageous and honest writer who is serious about sharing her struggles in the interest of making sure no one else […]

Guest Post: What Bible Characters Got Wrong So You Don’t Have To

I’d like to introduce you to my friend Janelle Alberts (you can read more about her and her work at the end of this post). She’s got great things to say, and she says them in a way that both disarms and convicts me on a regular basis. She has a particular talent for helping […]

Schizophrenia and Some of My Favorite People

I have written a lot about mental illness, what the church can do better in ministry to people affected, and some of my own family’s experience in navigating the challenges of living with serious mental illness. But I haven’t written a lot about the other members of my family. As I speak and share my […]

A Story of Grace and a Ministry You Should Know

It seemed everything good had suddenly collapsed. His calling, his career, maybe even his family, were lost. In one confusing moment, he had morphed from successful pastor at one of the fastest growing churches in the nation into public disgrace. He had fallen from family man to family embarrassment, a source of grief and pain […]

It’s All about Who Knows You

“There is a dramatic difference between being loved and being known,” says Erin Davis, author of the book Connected: Curing the Pandemic of Everyone Feeling Alone Together. “I think if we’re honest,” she says, “few of our Facebook and Twitter followers really know us. Somewhere along the way we’ve lost the know-how to knit our […]

Justice for Our Forgotten Neighbors

Global poverty, sex trafficking, slavery, unfair wages, child labor, environmental exploitation. I’m proud to see and support Christians confronting these and other injustices, as an expression of our faith and calling. I’d also love for more Christians to be aware of a need close to home, affecting many of our own friends and neighbors. In […]

A Good Story

A while back my daughter asked me how many jobs I’ve had. I took a few moments to remember and count, and I came up with 20 jobs since I was 14–and I’m pretty sure I forgot a few. Since I’ve spent most of my adult life working at a few publishing companies, I was […]

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