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Someone You Should Know: Joe Padilla of Mental Health Grace Alliance (Part 1)

Every now and then, I like to write about people or organizations I think you should know. In this post, I’m featuring an organization I often mention when I speak, or when people ask me about Christian resources to help individuals and families affected by mental illness: Mental Health Grace Alliance. I talked with Joe […]

Every One of Your Failures Is an Opportunity for Grace

I’ve always had trouble with school rules. This isn’t because I’m some kind of “rules are made to be broken” sort of person, although sometimes, like most kids, I did intentionally flout one rule or another. The more common problem was that I had a knack for accidentally discovering rules no one had bothered to […]

Have You Realized the Power of Being Known?

As a young student, I spent kindergarten through eighth grade in three different rural schools. These schools were tiny–one in particular, where I attended half a year and was the only third grader in the entire school (yes, I’m serious). I joined up with the first and second graders. Our classroom picture shows seven smiling […]

Mental Illness, Redemption, and a God I Can Trust–Part 2

…This post is continued from last week. Click to read Part 1. Emerging into Light Eventually I met and married a good man who has a gift for granting safety to others. I trusted him enough to make him part of my family and to start a family with him despite my greatest fear: that […]

Mental Illness, Redemption, and a God I Can Trust–Part 1

My family never had much, and excess was not in my parents’ lexicon. Dad was a pastor, serving small rural congregations, and Mom stayed at home. We were poor, but we didn’t feel it much, surrounded by farmers who lived simply and at the whim of the rains we asked for at the Wednesday night […]

In Condemning Sin and Scandal, Let’s Not Forget Our Own

When I was in high school, I really did not like most people who lived in the suburbs or even near them. I lived in the city, my family lived on public assistance, and I went to a public high school with an open enrollment policy that meant anyone in the school district could attend. […]

Growing Momentum in Mental Health Ministry

A few months ago, I wrote about the story behind Fresh Hope, a ministry to people with mental illness, and Brad Hoefs, the pastor who started this ministry in response to his experience with bipolar disorder. The ministry of Fresh Hope is why, in March 2014, Hoefs found himself onstage at Saddleback Church in Orange […]

A Story of Grace and a Ministry You Should Know

It seemed everything good had suddenly collapsed. His calling, his career, maybe even his family, were lost. In one confusing moment, he had morphed from successful pastor at one of the fastest growing churches in the nation into public disgrace. He had fallen from family man to family embarrassment, a source of grief and pain […]

Is God Missing from Your Future?

Last week my family saw Mockingjay, the latest movie in The Hunger Games series based on the young adult novels written by Suzanne Collins. On their surface these stories of a future world, where excess and oppression reigns, are about conflict, power, and struggle. But at their essence they’re stories about hope and human survival. […]

Do You Feel Like a Frantic Sheep?

When we worry, we hold on to the idea that we must maintain control over things that are not ours. That we can’t stop thinking about what concerns us and the best use of our faculties is treading over worn ground just for the sake of staying there. That there must be something we can […]

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