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Every One of Your Failures Is an Opportunity for Grace

I’ve always had trouble with school rules. This isn’t because I’m some kind of “rules are made to be broken” sort of person, although sometimes, like most kids, I did intentionally flout one rule or another. The more common problem was that I had a knack for accidentally discovering rules no one had bothered to […]

Q&A: How Do I Maintain Boundaries with Someone Who Has Mental Illness?

I receive a lot of inquiries from people asking for advice about living with mental illness, loving someone with a mental disorder, and doing ministry among people with mental illness and their families. I can’t offer the kind of advice and help a mental health professional can give, but I can point people in the […]

12 Ideas for Making This a Good Year

Generally, I don’t make New Year’s Resolutions. I figure any day of the year is a good day for starting a new habit, breaking an old one, or pursuing a better version of myself. And let’s face it, it’s hard enough to make one minor change in life; committing to a major overhaul, all at […]

What Are You Here for This Year?

Ready or not, 2017 is here. And with this fresh year comes an opportunity to think about what we’re doing with all that God has given us. Let’s pause and talk about stewardship. “Stewardship” does not seem like a very exciting word, especially because we tend to use it in boring ways, mainly when we’re […]

Let’s Choose Love in Fearful Times

Remember the color-coded terror threat alert system implemented by the Department of Homeland Security after September 11? Each color represented a different threat level; the greater the threat, the more vigilant citizens should be. That scale was replaced in 2011 with the National Terrorism Advisory System, which offered more specific designations and steps communities, agencies, […]

Don’t Look in your Bible for Lazy Excuses

“Boy, it would be nice if God would appear in a burning bush and tell me exactly what he wants me to do!” “I would be a lot more confident in my faith if I could see miracles happen all the time, like they did in the Bible.” Growing up in the church, and continuing […]

Guest Post: What to Do the Next Time You Feel Overwhelmed

I think you’ll appreciate this helpful post from my friend Michael Warden (you can read more about him and his important work through Ascent Coaching Group at the end of this post). Michael is a wise and dedicated leadership coach, a writer, and a strong leader in his own right. Many pastors and other Christian […]

Video Post: My Biggest Regret

It’s my first video post! I hope you enjoy it.

When It Comes to People, Take the Long Route

Among the not-so-surprising news that came out last week were the most recent results of an annual survey aimed at uncovering burnout and bias among health care professionals. According to this survey, 40 percent of physicians report personal bias toward certain types of patients. Among doctors included in the survey, 62 percent admitted to bias […]

Guest Post: Is Today Your “One Day”?

I think you’re going to enjoy this unique post from my friend Jodene Shaw (you can read more about her and find a link to more of her lovely work at the end of this post). Jodene is an artist who expresses herself beautifully and teaches others to do the same. You’ll see samples of some of her work in this post. […]

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