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Q&A: How Do We Start a Mental Health Ministry?

I receive a lot of inquiries from people asking for advice about living with mental illness, loving someone with a mental disorder, and doing ministry among people with mental illness and their families. I can’t offer the kind of advice and help a mental health professional can give, but I can point people in the […]


Americans Are Both Less and More Religious–Your Thoughts?

Americans are becoming less religious, and religious Americans are staying committed. That’s one general finding from a study by Pew Research Center, released this month. While the “nones” (those who affiliate with no organized religious group) are growing in numbers and waning in religious practice, those who do affiliate with a religious group are maintaining […]


Make Peace with Powerlessness

We call it hashtag activism: the arms-length identification with a cause or a person, using social media. The kind of involvement that doesn’t require much and typically doesn’t accomplish much. Among the most impotent examples was the phenomenon around #BringBackOurGirls. In April of 2014, when 276 female students were kidnapped during the night, taken from […]

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