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arms stretched wide

Guest Post: Be Your True You

Here’s a post from my friend Tracey Bianchi (you can read more about her and find a link to her empowering book True You at the end of this post). Tracey encourages us to drop the ridiculous expectations that have us wearing someone else’s uniform and step into being the people we were made to […]

worried pug

Are You Living a Worry-Driven Life?

Many of us are powering through every day with a mixture of fear and anxiety serving as our primary engine. And the fuel we pour into this engine to keep it running smoothly is worry. Most of us are so accustomed to living on this fuel, we don’t even realize how prevalent worry is in […]

Fresh Hope 2

A Story of Grace and a Ministry You Should Know

It seemed everything good had suddenly collapsed. His calling, his career, maybe even his family, were lost. In one confusing moment, he had morphed from successful pastor at one of the fastest growing churches in the nation into public disgrace. He had fallen from family man to family embarrassment, a source of grief and pain […]

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