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What’s the Problem with Worry?

Because worry is so pervasively embedded in our culture and our daily experience, it’s easy to dismiss it as benign, when done in moderation, or simply as a widespread bad habit. It’s socially acceptable even among Christians who occasionally become aware that our worry is excessive and sort of apologize for it without repentance: “I […]

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Anxiety Disorders and Worry: An Important Distinction

With the recent release of my new book, Anxious: Choosing Faith in a World of Worry, I want to address a possibility that its message may be misinterpreted, especially by those who have not yet had a chance to read it. Specifically, I’m concerned that people may get the impression that my book condemns or […]

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1 Big Reason Not to Worry

Should you be worried? Well, if you’re like me, and in this regard I feel confident that you are, you have many reasons to worry. And you probably spend a lot of time and energy worrying–but you haven’t admitted it yet. My new book, Anxious, is written for people like you: people who aren’t convinced […]

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