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Announcing My Next Book: Anxious

I sat in the back pew, waiting for the end of a sermon I wasn’t expecting much from. After all, I knew all this stuff. I had heard this basic message before, and I had read those words from the prophet Isaiah countless times. Besides, I had enough on my mind to keep me from […]


Hope for When Mental Illness Comes Home

During a high school youth group meeting, we did an activity that involved saying nice things about the other people in our small group. I was shocked when one of the other girls said, “Amy, you just seem like you have it all together.” I didn’t know what to say, and I can’t remember how […]


Defy the Media: Choose Love, Not Fear

They’ve done it again. Our news media have handed out another fistful of fear, their most valuable currency, in exchange for our attention, at the expense of everyone who seeks–or needs to seek–treatment for mental health. In their coverage of the shooting at Fort Hood last week, reporters were quick to jump on the Army’s […]

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