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Video Post: My Biggest Regret

It’s my first video post! I hope you enjoy it.


Pastors, You Can’t Afford to Ignore the Mental Health Movement in the Church

Since my book on mental illness and the church came out in 2013, I have spent a lot of time in front of audiences, speaking about how mental illness affects individuals and families, how churches can help, and why it’s so important that they do. I’ve also had a lot of face-to-face conversation, email interaction, and […]


When It Comes to People, Take the Long Route

Among the not-so-surprising news that came out last week were the most recent results of an annual survey aimed at uncovering burnout and bias among health care professionals. According to this survey, 40 percent of physicians report personal bias toward certain types of patients. Among doctors included in the survey, 62 percent admitted to bias […]

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