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The Church Doesn’t Need Any More Leaders

Depending on who’s providing the definition, a leader is… – “the person who leads or commands a group, organization, or country“; – “a person who leads“; – “the person who convinces other people to follow“; or – something more complicated. Here’s something a leader is not: a description of your true mission in life. I […]


A Funny Way to Worship

Riding in the passenger seat while my husband drove, I stared out the window. As we passed a pond, I noticed five or six sets of tail feathers sticking straight up out of the water. The ducks were busy eating whatever delicious goodies they had found under the water, butts pointed skyward, with no idea […]


Guest Post: Loving through Listening

Please enjoy this post from my friend Brittani Morris (you can learn a little more about her at the end of this post). Brittani is a compassionate and nurturing counselor and coach who practices what she preaches in this post. She’s a great listener, and I encourage you to consider taking her tips to heart. […]

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