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Lessons from a Floating Motel

In my memory, I call it the floating Motel 6. Now, I realize that might be a bit unfair to this plucky budget chain. After all, in a pinch a cheap motel is far better than sleeping without a roof (unless you planned to sleep under the stars, in which case it’s way better than […]

Teach Us to Want: A Book Review

Jen Pollock Michel is an outstanding writer. I knew this before I picked up her book Teach Us to Want because I have had the pleasure of working with her a couple of times in my role as an editor. So I’m glad she’s done us all a favor and written a book for us […]


A Perfectionist’s Confession

Hi, I’m Amy and I’m a perfectionist. I’ve spent years in recovery, and I’ve made tremendous progress, but I think I’ll probably always suffer to some degree under the warped belief that my value comes from what I can do and what I do is never quite good enough. Merriam-Webster tells us perfectionism is “a […]

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