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What Does It Mean to Repent from Worry?

The sensational displays of God’s power described in the Bible may seem to us as though they happened all the time, because they are collected and familiar. But like us, most people throughout history, even ancient history, never saw such faith-bolstering events. They believed based on the stories they knew and on their own experience […]

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Do You Feel Like a Frantic Sheep?

When we worry, we hold on to the idea that we must maintain control over things that are not ours. That we can’t stop thinking about what concerns us and the best use of our faculties is treading over worn ground just for the sake of staying there. That there must be something we can […]

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The Church’s Response to Mental Illness: (Small) Things Are Changing

In 2010, in preparation for an article I wrote for Leadership Journal, I worked with the journal to conduct a survey of 500 churches, using the National Alliance on Mental Illness definition of mental illnesses: “medical conditions that disrupt a person’s thinking, feeling, mood, ability to relate to others and daily functioning” and “often result […]

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