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What I’ve Learned from Child Abusers

I saw the headline: another adult arrested for child sexual abuse. Another headline that made my stomach constrict dangerously. Then I saw the picture. And the room spun. I looked back at the headline, just so I wouldn’t have to look at the picture anymore. I didn’t know how to process the shock: someone I […]


Find Your Seat and Sit in It

This week I’m celebrating an accomplishment and some significant growth that’s happened in my life over the last few months. Over the weekend, I finished the last course of the Coaches Training Institute Co-Active Coaching program. I’m now a fully trained and confident personal and professional coach, with access to a solid set of tools […]

Yawning at Tigers: A Book Review

I’ve been looking forward to reading this book for at least a year, since Drew Dyck first told me he was writing it. Drew is a coworker and a friend, and I’m a fan of his writing. He has a masters degree in Theology, and he is a “belief buff,” a fan of both ancient […]

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