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Mental Health Month: Celebrating Hope and Healing in Houston

It’s May, and among other things, that means Mental Health Month is underway. This year, to mark the importance of mental health awareness and conversation, my blog will be devoted to the subject for this entire month. I want to start by telling you about a ministry that’s doing great work among people touched by […]


Still Life: A Book Review

I read this book a while back, while it was in the publication process, because I agreed to consider endorsing it. After reading it, I did write an endorsement for it, and since then I’ve been waiting for it to be released so I could recommend it to others. I’m excited to say it’s here […]


10 Rarely-Mourned Reasons the World Is Worse Than Ever

It’s time for another break from the serious nature of most my posts. Global terrorism, threats of pandemic, phenomenally efficient weaponry, alarming political trends…sure, these things are distressing and important to all of us. But they get plenty of attention. Today I want to highlight a few of the often-overlooked–and just as important–reasons our world […]

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