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Worried Parents, Let Go

I sat in the back pew, waiting for the end of a sermon I wasn’t expecting much from. I had heard this basic message before, and I had read those words from the prophet Isaiah countless times. Besides, I had enough on my mind to keep me from listening closely. We’d been caught by the […]


Growing Momentum in Mental Health Ministry

A few months ago, I wrote about the story behind Fresh Hope, a ministry to people with mental illness, and Brad Hoefs, the pastor who started this ministry in response to his experience with bipolar disorder. The ministry of Fresh Hope is why, in March 2014, Hoefs found himself onstage at Saddleback Church in Orange […]


Is Your Impact Incidental or Intentional?

Until my teenage years, I lived primarily in rural communities, where my dad was a pastor in small country churches. These were sparsely populated areas by urban and suburban standards, with the closest neighbors usually living 1/2 to 1 mile apart. But there was no question these places were communities, much more so than any […]

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