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New Research Confirms Pastors Are Human Too

Last week, LifeWay Research and Focus on the Family released the results of a recent survey conducted among Protestant Americans, including 1000 senior pastors. The survey was designed to reveal attitudes and experiences related to mental illness in churches. We’ve seen other similar research in recent years, including some conducted by Dr. Matthew Stanford and […]


You Don’t Have to Listen to Your Lies

When was the last time you dedicated yourself to pursuing a dream? Followed an impulse to reach out to someone you didn’t know–but wanted to? Said what you really wanted to say? Held your tongue to let a powerful moment unfold? If you’re like the rest of us (and I’ll bet you are), you have […]

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Questions and Answers about Mental Illness

I receive a lot of inquiries from people asking for advice about living with mental illness, loving someone with a mental disorder, and doing ministry to people with mental illness and their families. I can’t offer the kind of advice and help a mental health professional can give, but I can point people in the […]

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