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Don’t Worry, I’ve Got Another Audiobook for You!

It’s Christmastime, and I’m in a giving mood! So it’s a good thing I have things to give away. After I announced the release of Troubled Minds in audiobook form, through, two weeks ago, I was surprised to learn that the audiobook for my new book, Anxious, just released as well. So I’m excited […]

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Why It’s Futile to Worry about the Future

In the recurring worries that consume so much of our emotional and mental energy, perhaps the most common element is their focus on an unknown future. We worry about what might happen, what seems likely, what is unlikely and even what’s nearly impossible. Consider how many of your own worried thoughts begin with the words […]


An Announcement, a Celebration, and 10 Things I Love about Audiobooks

I love to read. That statement feels so inadequate. It would be difficult to overstate my affection for books. In fact, I’ll admit that in my more resentful moments I view the world and its concerns simply as a loud and repetitive interruption of my reading time. So of course I find it important to […]

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